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birth to what is now in mind. All the way through, a no care, no pursuers, no enemies, even into a decent gas Warrior Axis it exam failed to meet. Dali has been weak, or that from the beginning of the founding of this country not meant prosperity. Near the tropical rain forest climate, almost a year round spring. Live here, no how labor will be able to harvest enough food, plus the reigning monarch Buddhist, treat people kindly, become lazy people here, this area is full of a variety of nationalities, hence the atmosphere becomes more slack. White Night of the way, it was his impression after entering the Dali. Too fertile land, Axis people living in here with the Tibetan side is completely two extremes. From Wu s martial arts can be seen is how weak Dali, original Denon, the martial arts to the southwest Dali Duan headed lance slight moving world, six pulse Excalibur is magic secrets. Duan year, master men, both Dali royalty, is Wulin Shi family, Tenryu ji is the town of Dali country Temple. Impressive now, Duan family already decadent, remaining a South Dili a lamp save a little face. Is such a South Dili, not a real man, who through their own concubine and rape, also pregnant pregnant, but he turned a deaf ear and a blind eye, had the most to do things, not just the concubine children lend a helping hand. It is this, it is also unpopular concubine decades. I can only say that in this world, unlike the emperor Emperor Dali, as Duan Yu as their Buddha nature and bookish too heavy. Buddha has penetrated their hearts, Axis Certification so that they look at everything becomes weak. White Nights thought of this, again shook his head, very.

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