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and look White Nights, color fundus with sincere supplications, which if the average person, perhaps a long good hearted move, agreed. White Night thought, eyes light flash, thinking about how to die from the hands of the monks beg for some benefits. Emmanuel his mind a move, I thought that monks practicing martial arts. Let us talk about what are the requirements I think about it White Axis Certified Professional it exam Night did not immediately agree, very careful asked. Not difficult, I just want my son take a trick. Kingland sincere look at white night, and said. Then defeated your father s hand, unwilling to really, before dying request, please also promised son. What are the benefits For example, you practice like Dragon Wisdom Gong White Night Dragon opening directly to work like Wisdom, Kingland slightest hesitation, complex and thought he would die, have no role in guarding Cheats, he took out a book from her. This booklet is wrapped in sheepskin, leather writing by the beast from the above writing crooked, not Song text, but the Tibetan language. Not the slightest nostalgia, Kingland will throw the book White Night, White Night does not check, readily gave Guo Xiang, he stood opposite to the Kingland. Axis Certified Professional Kingland sky smile this time, the whole body internal force crazy agitation, Qi Axis Certification Jin clothes blown bulging up. White Nights look dignified, nine yang infuriating endless, Lieyang fire, as if boundless sea of fire spreading, a red jade egg looming in flames. Long as the Wisdom Kingland His Holiness roar, roar this is not what martial arts moves, but purely roar. Jumping to his body, seems to be walking in the void, palms interlocki.

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